Red Basil Smash: Ein Cocktail -Tipp von Christian Steffen (Spirit Of India)

2  cl    Zuckersirup (Giffard)
5  cl    Gin (G`Vine Nouaison )
2  cl    Zitronensaft (frisch)
20 Blätter    vom roten Thai-Basilikum

Die Basilikumblätter im Mixing Glas leicht muddeln. Alle anderen Zutaten anschließend mit Eiswürfeln hart shaken und auf frisches Würfeleis im Tumbler abseihen.

Dekoration: Roter Basilikumzweig

muddeln = mit Stössel zerdrücken
abseihen = abgießen durch ein Sieb
Tumbler = kurzes Trinkglas
shaken = Schütteln

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Dear Mr. Meier,

of cause you can mix the drink with different types of alcohol. Like you said, it depends on the taste you like. I personally prefere the the floral flavour of the gin together with the basil.

But this is just my personal tast.

I can recommend a new Vodka called Pure Green. This is a 100% organic Vodka with nice botanical flavours. This would be a nice composition together with the basil.

Try an find your favourit cocktail!

If you have any other questions please contact me.

Best Regards


This is a great drink but I wonder if one could substitute Gin for let’s say Vodka or even a curacao but then this would depend on an individuals taste.

I am not a Gin lover and that is why I ask if a substitute can be used